About ODNR

Hello, this is J from ODNR Makeup. I am a 9-5 office worker from South East Asia – Singapore, who happens to struggle to find honest product reviews online (from ordinary folks, not glammed and packaged influencers) and long gone were the blogger/xanga days where comments sections are rampantly flooded with interactions and genuine replies. Yet, I still find myself purchasing tons of makeup, which 50% of the time doesn’t work for me.

With this frustration in mind, I started Ordinary Makeup, a general beauty blog to share content—from makeup product reviews, tutorials, to travel vlogs. My content will generally steer towards how a South East Asian woman’s skin reacts/takes in all the beauty products and some neat beauty tricks I’ve learned over the years. I can’t promise for the best written content or awfully perfect image for visual stimulation, but I hope that we can grow ODNR to be a strong and interactive community, with no fakery and pretentiousness.

With all these said, I look forward to start this growing journey with my future and existing readers. God bless.